Fact: Book Review: Robbie Unauthorised by Sean Smith


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First up, let me tell you, when it comes to unauthorised biographies of my beloved Robbie I usually avoid them like the plague. I prefer to read the authorised versions of Robbie’s books. The tomes by Chris Heath. Not only because I’m supporting my idol, but also because, Heath, as Robbie’s own personal biographer has such an ‘access all areas’ relationship with Rob you’re sure to find out more about the real Robbie from his books than from any other. However, this book was 50p on the charity bookshelf at work. I couldn’t resist.

And, do you know what? I enjoyed it. Sure, there were some parts where I rolled my eyes and thought ‘Tsk get your facts straight’. There’s a caption under one photograph from Socceraid which reads ‘Four years on and Robbie is struggling to keep up with actor Mike Myers…’. I was there. No offence to Mr Myers, but he was a shockingly bad football player. OK so Rob’s team didn’t win that year, but from where I was sitting, Rob could certainly keep pace with Austin Powers.

Slight annoyances aside, this was an enjoyable read. Telling the story of Robbie Williams in a chronological fashion, it begins with Rob as a young boy growing up in Stoke, who joins Take That and is propelled to stardom with the trials and tribulations which that brought. The book provides a good refresher on the life and times of Mr Williams and had me reminiscing. I’ve been a Robbie fan for a long time. The retelling of the Take That story took me back to my school days when my walls were plastered with posters of the fab five. There are stories of fans who camp outside his house. I never camped but I might have popped up to Stoke on the train to have a look! As the book recounts Robbie’s various album releases I can chart what I was doing with my life against each one. It also reminds me of how delicate our little Rob is and how much us fans have to appreciate him.

All in all an enjoyable read if you want an overview of the oxymoron that is Robbie. But if you want to get beneath the skin of what makes Robbie who he is, check out Chris Heath’s books instead.

Weird things the Robbie book has made me want to do…

  • Read Gary Barlow’s autobiography to see what he really says about Rob
  • Listen to all of Robbie’s old albums (even Rudebox)
  • Dye my hair blonde so I can look like his beaut wife Ayda (NOTE: Even I dyed my hair blonde I would not look that beaut)

Fabulous rating: 3/5


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