Fiction: Book Review: 7th Heaven by James Patterson

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A suspicious disappearance soon turns into a murder investigation and trial. But, hold on, some pesky person keeps setting things alight too. Patterson’s books are always full of twists and turns, sub-plots and stories which, at first, don’t seem related but soon turn out to be equally as important as the story you started reading. In this novel the link between the two tales really is rather tenuous. Yet that doesn’t make this book any less enjoyable. It’s a fast paced thriller, packed with suspense and the trademark James Patterson short paragraphs.

Part of the Women’s Murder Club series of books, you get the impression that Boxer’s stressful investigation is supposed to be made easier by the support of her female friends. And while the ‘sisterhood’ are there to help her sink margaritas during times of stress, they add little more to the plot, except for the fact that the majority of her friends are involved with the justice system in some way too.

At times the tale becomes unnecessary, at other times it’s a rip-roaring account of a ‘deadly fire-starter’ (and a twisted fire-starter at that).

An enjoyable enough read, but without the urgency of some of Patterson’s other novels.

Fabulous rating: 2/5

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