Fotos: 30 Day Snap – How Was It For Me?

Back in June (eek!) I took part in the 30 Day Snap. The great idea of taking a photo everyday throughout the month and posting it online came courtesy of the lovely Sprinkle of Glitter. At the time I was struggling to remember to take photos to accompany my blogging content, so thought it would be a good kick up the arse for me!

Sunshine on a rainy day…

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And was it? Well, in a way, yes. I think Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter had originally set the challenge for herself so that she would take more ‘proper’ photos – you know olde worlde style with a proper camera and everything? For me, I wasn’t so fussed about anything proper. Just remembering to fire up my iPhone when I stumbled across something pretty was good enough.

In some respects I loved it and I was quite fortunate that I had a number of exciting days out planned in for June – like a zip wire, a Robbie Williams concert, a trip to Devon… At other times I felt too conspicuous to start snapping away which resulted in either rubbish snaps, or nothing at all. Other times, especially when catching up with good friends, I became too engrossed in conversation and totally forgot to take any photos (although I’m taking that as a positive – better than sitting there bored and taking photos for the sake of something to do!).

Oh yes!

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One of the nice things about the experience was that I can now look back over my Instagram feed and the memories from June are all there. How often do you try to think back to what you’ve been doing but your memory is too hazy and you can only remember the truly fabulous and f*ckin awful times throughout the month.

Robbie & beer. Oh yes!

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Taking a photo everyday is also a great way to practice daily gratitude which has a really positive effect on your mood. We’re all too quick to dismiss a pretty sunset, but if you have to stop take it in and then photograph it, not only are you taking time to appreciate, you’re also documenting that as a pick-me-up for future down days. That said, you do have to be careful not to live out all your experiences through the screen of a smart phone. There’s much to be said about stepping away from the camera (whatever variety it might be) and experiencing things first hand. Which is possibly why once June was over I came over very anti-photo. In fact, during my stay in Devon I took only two photos. One of our resident seagull, Bill and one of a mobility scooter to play a practical joke on my Father-in-Law.

Hello Queenie! #Windsor

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Was the 30 Day Snap experience a good one? Well, yes, it’s made me much more confident in snapping away and documenting my life – which helps when finding photos to illustrate this here blog. But it’s also made me appreciate the act of putting down the camera and just living life to its fullest amount of fabulousness! Thanks Louise!

Did you take part in the 30 Day Snap? How did you find it?

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