Fun & Furnishings: Creating Your Own Shell Picture

If you watched my ‘Furnishings: Decorating Our Bathroom’ video, you will have no doubt spotted the shell picture which I crafted. I told you I’d put up a tutorial on how to make this and, well, here it is…

Shell Photo Equipment

What you will need…

Sturdy backing card (Hobbycraft is good for this)
A box frame (I got this one from Ikea)
A craft knife (or very sharp scissors and a steady hand)
A pencil
A metal ruler
A cutting mat
Super glue
A duster
Something to rest all this on so you don’t make a mess of your carpet/table
The items you want to stick into the frame – for me this was shells


1. Gather all the items from the list above.Frame template

2. Remove the backing from your box frame and use the insert to draw a template onto the reverse of the backing card.


3. Carefully cut out this shape from the backing card and ensure it fits correctly into the frame.

Cut out

4. Take the items which you want to place into the frame and place them on the card in the configuration that you think you want them.

5. Place the frame over the top of them to check it looks OK.

6. Do this a few times until you’re happy with the configuration if you need to.


7. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve got the right configuration take a photo – this means you won’t forget what goes where.

8. Depending on what you’re sticking down you might want to measure and draw out a guide on the backing card to ensure everything is evenly spaced. As all of my shells were different sizes I decided to arrange them by eye, rather than maths.

9. Then it’s time to stick down each of the items one at a time. Put a small amount of glue on the edges which you want to attach to the card and allow to become slightly tacky before pressing onto the backing card and holding in place for a few seconds.

10. Once you have all of the items stuck down in the correct configuration, put the backing card to one side for a few hours to dry.


11. After a couple of hours pick up the backing card and ensure all the items are stuck properly. If they are, then clean the frame, place the backing card into it and hang it up in the location of your choice. If any of the items are loose, repeat stage 9.

12. Enjoy the smug feeling of saying ‘I made that’ every time someone comments on your handiwork!


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