Fab or Fail: Sunday 6th October 2013

Some bloggers do ‘monthly favourites’, others do ‘things I love Thursday’. Me? I do Fab or Fail from now on every Sunday.

Let’s see what’s made the fab and fail lists this week….

The Fab List


Edinburgh – More on our recent visit soon. But needless to say we fell completely in love with this beautiful city.

Flying – I will never tire of travelling by plane. There’s something particularly indulgent about taking an internal flight, even if it is just with Flybe.


My new Accessorize Panama Hat – an airport purchase in preparation for our holiday to Sri Lanka next year. I had to get rid of my old sunhat when I had my massive sort out and was panicking as to where I was going to find a new one from (I have a stupidly big head so have to try hats on to ensure they fit!). Thank goodness for Accessorize at the airport still stocking lots of summer gear. Yay!

Lovely anniversary cards & gifts. #FeelingBlessed

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Anniversary cards and gifts – Yup, this week we celebrated two years since we tied the knot. It’s lovely that people took the time to send us a card to mark this occasion. Thank you!


Plus, roses and a gorgeous Orla Kiely overnight bag from Hubby. Well, I wish it could be our anniversary everyday…

And, of course, being married to my fab Hubby for the past two years. Here’s to many more years of madness, love and laughter.

The Little Penguin Shiraz – if you’re looking for a yummy red wine, this one comes highly recommended by me, Hubby and most of our rellies…


Remembering to burn my scented candles and enjoying the scents of Frangipani, freshly mown grass and Jasmine wafting through our apartment.

Tea Pigs Peppermint tea – Keeping my tummy in check!

Looking forward to the new series of Homeland.

Robbie on X-Factor!

The Fail List

Rain, rain – go away! Fortunately it has for the time being, at least!

My dodgy tummy – not fair!

A random allergic reaction to… I don’t know what… but I’ve never had such an itchy forehead!

Our plans to visit Edinburgh Zoo being scuppered when the pandas weren’t on show. Ah well, there’s always next time… or a trip to China…


These spectacle wipes  – dry and useless. A real case of buy cheap; buy twice!


Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. Fortunately this was a freebie with a magazine. I was so looking forward to trying it and, to be honest, the consistency and moisturisation were good. I just couldn’t get over the fact that it made my skin smell like loo cleaner. Not good!

So, my lovelies. There you have it. The first of my list of loves and loathes? What’s made your fab and fail lists this week?


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