Fragrance: Miss Dior Cherie Vs Diamonds


I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how it was I came to try, and fall in love, with Miss Dior Cherie and do you know I can’t remember?  I also can’t remember where I read that Diamonds by Next was a good (and more bank balance friendly) alternative.

So, first the original. The fact that it’s made by Dior gives it instant kudos in my books. Dior has to be one of my favourite fashion and fragrance houses. Indeed the first few months of mine and Hubby’s relationship passed by in a blissful Dior Addict scented haze.

Secondly, the packaging. Oh my, the packaging! It’s so twee and French with a touch of Park Avenue Princess and a dash of English County Rose thrown in for good measure. It’s gloriously girlie. The perfect shade of pink perfectly complemented by the stylish silver swooshy writing. It’s luxe without being intimidating. Like the cool girl at school who actually takes the time to talk to you and really doesn’t realise how cool she is.


Then there’s the bottle. It feels chunky and substantial without being cumbersome. And the bow… the bow is just divine.

Don’t forget the adverts. Who wouldn’t want to float over Paris clutching a handful of balloons?

We mustn’t forget the heritage either, according to the October issue of Marie Claire the original Miss Dior was…

Concocted back in 1947, light years ahead of its time

Oh and the scent, of course, the scent. A light, yet musky, floral scent with…

Italian Mandarin Essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Indonesian Patchouli Essence

It’s sweet, feminine and girly. More of a daytime scent for me. Something you could wear to a tea party of octagnerians without them looking at you disapprovingly, but sexy enough to still catch the eye of the cheeky young gardener. Oh how very Wysteria Lane.

And the cost? £51 for 50ml from Feel Unique. Quite a lot to spend on a fragrance which I predominantly wear to work.


As for Diamonds? Well, it’s by Next which doesn’t quite have the same glamour as Dior, but it’s still a strong player on the UK High Street.


The packaging? To be honest if I hadn’t of known that it smelt similar to Miss Dior then this packaging wouldn’t have made me think of taking a sniff. It’s a bit bling-tastic for my liking. Inside the box the bottle is decidedly, er, cheap. Particularly the cap which is tinny and doesn’t feel quite finished. Utilitarian perhaps you would say?

As for the heritage? Erm…. anyone know..?

And the scent? It claims to be…

an opulent white floral fragrance entwined with fresh fruit nectars and crystalline musks

It’s definitely more citrus scented than Miss Dior Cherie, but still manages to capture the soft floral notes. Miss Dior Cherie smells more luxurious, more musky; Diamonds more refreshing.

What’s the damage? Just £6 for 30ml.

Miss Dior Mon Cherie Vs Diamonds – The Verdict

Diamonds is never going to be an out-and-out replacement for Miss Dior and neither should it be. Paying more for the Miss Dior fragrance does give you more bang for your buck. You’re likely to find yourself needing to reapply Diamonds regularly throughout the day to keep the scent going. But if, like me, you like the scent of Miss Dior Cherie but want something a little more purse friendly to wear to work then Diamonds is a good option, with the scents being similar enough that if you like one you’re likely to find the other pleasant.

Which do you prefer?


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