Far Away Places: The Edinburgh Survival Guide


Last week Hubby and I enjoyed a romantic break in the Scottish capital to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary. It was fabulous and we cannot wait to return to the beautiful city. Here are the lessons we learnt from our recent trip…


1. Do take warm clothes & then some more warm clothes

We were quite fortunate that we were there during a fairly mild period, but even so, the further north you go, the chillier it gets. Even with my multiple layers (T-shirt, sweater, (faux) leather jacket, gloves, jeans, socks, trainers) I felt the chill. Next time I will be going fully prepared with UGGs, gloves, a hat, scarf and possibly the entire women’s range from The North Face.

2. Do fly

It would have taken around four-and-a-half hours to drive from our Midlands base and that’s not taking into consideration the multiple comfort breaks and regular Starbucks stops. Flying from Birmingham cost us Β£86.98 each (return) and took just under an hour. Plus, allowed time for a little airside retail therapy.

3. Do use the Airlink

The number 100 bus connects the airport to the city centre and runs every ten minutes. It costs Β£3.50 each way and provides a quick and easy link between the two, especially when the equivalent taxi fare is rumoured to cost Β£20!

4. Don’t bother packing heels

Cobbled streets weren’t designed for skyscraper heels. I lived in flats. Likewise pack some comfortable shoes. A lot of Edinbrurgh’s sites are within walking distance of each other (mostly off the Royal Mile) but a day of pounding the tarmac/cobbles can take its toll so pack your footwear accordingly.


5. Do pack your stamina

Edinburgh is very hilly and where there’s not a hill there’s a huge flight of stairs. Knackering, but worth it!

6. Do book into a hotel with a jacuzzi and pool and remember your costume

We stayed at the Novotel which had both, unfortunately we forgot this when we packed, which was a pitty as a brief dip in the jacuzzi to sooth those aching limbs from all the walking would have been welcome.

7. Do be prepared for friendly

Those Scots are just so darn hospitable.


8. Do read the guide book and then ignore it

We stumbled across so many places and that was so much nicer than having a strict itinerary. The fact that a lot of the sights are so close together (and there are so many of them) is part of the beauty of this city.


9. Do pack your appetite

The food is good, hearty and wholesome. Oh yes! Don’t forget to leave space for a wee dram of whisky too.

10. And most of all ENJOY!


7 thoughts on “Far Away Places: The Edinburgh Survival Guide

  1. I have wanted to go to Edinburgh for so long! But first, I wanna make it to London. I think I might feel just at home in Scotland… Coming from a Finn that’s used to cold weather πŸ™‚

    • Hi Laura, Oh I highly recommend Edinburgh AND London. Sounds like you will be well prepared for the cooler temperatures in Scotland. Fortunately London is usually a little toastier πŸ™‚ Hope you get to make your trip soon.

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