Fab or Fail: Sunday 13th October

What’s floating ‘ma boat and sinking ‘ma ship this week?

The Fab List

Discovering some fantastic new music – a.k.a the new Chase and Status album, Brand New Machine; the Haim album, Days Are Gone and the Sub Focus album, Torus. All these fantastic tunes have been making their way into my ear canals this week, oh yes!

Also, discovering that the Killer Love album by Nicole Scherzinger is a great album to run to – if the beat doesn’t get you going, thinking that with every step you take you’re getting an incey bit closer to getting her killer body certainly motivates you to keep pounding the pavement!


Doing our own three peaks challenge at Malvern last Sunday – an excellent work out, a picnic, glorious views, gorgeous sunshine and all-in-all a fantastic day out with my fabulous Hubby.

Autumn sunshine – you can’t beat it, especially Autumn sunsets. Gorge!

Deleting my reminders – yep, I am no longer a slave to my to do list and I don’t think I’m any less productive because of it. Woo hoo!


My Moomin PJs – cute comfy and slightly bonkers. Thanks Primark!

Lovely Autumn scent πŸŒ°πŸ‚πŸ’•

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Burning a lovely autumnal scented candle – it’s only a cheapy Glade jobby, but it smells beautifully of orange and cinnamon. Such a cosy scent to fill our nostrils with now the nights are drawing in.

Getting back into blogging – but not berating myself for not posting everyday. A happy medium methinks :).

Exercise – on top of scaling the (a-hem) great heights of Malvern this week, I’ve also done a 30 Day Shred work-out (below), a 5k run and a bit of Tara Stiles yoga (also below) and it feels good.

Getting back into eating healthily – when you’re gutted that you’ve run out of natural almond butter you know you’ve become a health food addict!

Maybelline Baby Lips. πŸ’•

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Maybelline Baby Lips – extreme moisturisation, a gorgeous scent and a fab pink colour – how have I only just discovered this?

Getting the Boots Christmas Gift Guide – yep, yuletide is just around the corner peeps and I, for one, am ‘cited!

Brunch with my lovely mommy.

Making exciting plans for 2014.

The Fail List

Picking up a pesky tummy bug Β – boo and, indeed, hiss!

The back to work blues – especially walking in to discover my desk piled high with somebody else’s work. Hmm…

The dark evenings making taking photos for the blog troublesome – pesky!

How has your week been?


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