Fab or Fail: Sunday 20th October 2013

The highs and lows of the week that was…

The Fab List

The return of Mr Robbie Williams. Oh and his fantastic new video. I read the words Robbie in uniform and, well, next thing I knew I was clicking through to You Tube to take a look. Weird, that (not!).

Managing to jog 5k twice in the space of a week. Go me… and Hubby who joined me on one occasion also!

Filth – such a brilliantly twisted film. Read my review here.

The Filth soundtrack, especially Creep, which I’ve been playing on repeat for most of the week.

Homeland – intriguing, as ever.

Getting fantastic feedback at the day job. Always good to know that your hard work is actually appreciated.

#saturdaytreats part 4

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Itsu chocolate coated rice cakes – so, so yummy!

Orla Kiely… everything – Drinking my tea from my Orla Kiely mug, sleeping in my Orla Kiely bedding and using my Orla Kiely handbag. 

Researching places to visit when we go on holiday.

#saturdaytreats part 3

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Turkey, pork & Cranberry rolls from the local market.

#saturdaytreats part 2

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Pretty flowers.

#Saturdaytreats part 1

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Free coffee, thanks Waitrose.

The Fail List

Autumn dressing – Hot one minute, cold the next, and no idea whether to wear a jumper or a T-shirt. Make your mind up weather!

Struggling to get up in the morning – how has it suddenly got so dark in the morning? And it’s only going to get worse. Boo hiss!

The MOBOs. No atmosphere. And, seriously, you couldn’t have found someone better than So Solid Crew to close the show..?



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