Fab or Fail: Sunday 27th October & Sunday 2nd November

Oops! A combination of Hubby upgrading our ‘pooter software and me being a busy little bumble bee meant I skipped this last week, so here’s a bumper fortnightly edition for you…

The Fab List

Chenin Blanc white wine – a scrumptious alternative to being a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio bore, try it!

Next Frangipani scented candles – a gorgeous, sweet, floral scent which lingers (in a good way) and a fantastic burn time for such an affordable (and reasonably small) candle

Our bedroom feeling like a hotel – that sounds odd, but I mean it in the way that it feels luxurious, not soulless, expect a big reveal once we’ve purchased some curtains that match the rest of the decor. Oh and I want a new alarm clock too!

Antibiotics – without which I would still be feeling as though I had a bunch of chillis wedged in my undercrackers (see the fail list).

Taking hubby for Sunday lunch – especially as he had no idea where we were going. Ha, ha, ha! We went to the Le Bistrot Pierre for French fayre and wine.

These amazing biscuits from the Biscuiteers – I’m not a big celebrator of Halloween, but these might just sway me. Wowsers!

Heading out for yummy food for my Sister-in-Law’s birthday – scrumptious and good to catch up with the family.

Star gazing with Hubby. So geeky, but so good for the soul!

Working my way through some half finished products – it’s amazing how just finishing some seemingly insignificant projects can make you feel so much better.

Making a scrummy Sunday roast – and then using up the leftovers. Jamie Oliver would have been proud!

This quote…

One of my favourite quotes #johnwayne #quote #inspiration

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The Fail List

A pesky UTI – really? Talk about a party pooper. Waking up in the middle of the night with a breaking fever really isn’t much fun let me tell you!

A knackering work week – I love my job, but this week really has been tiring with a capital Zzzzz.

Hannah being in the bottom two in X Factor – I’m sorry but what?! Does the nation not have ears..?

Being told by a work colleague that a brake light was out. Going to buy some bulbs and then discovering that all my lights are in fact tickkety boo. What’s that all about? It was Halloween, not April Fools Day!

Shopping Malls at half term – ohmigod! Avoid, avoid, avoid!


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