Film & TV: Black Swan

Yep – before you say it – I am perfectly aware that I am, like, a-gazillion years behind the rest of the population in terms of watching films. But hey! I’m catching up… slowly (nose grows as I tell a bit fat lie!).

Anyway, I watched Black Swan for the first time the other night. It’s been out for so long that I’m not even going to bother to do a review. I will say that I was blown away by how disturbing, yet brilliant it was. You may be thinkingblimey she’s got quite a thing for dark, twisted films’ and you would be quite right! I likes a good film that leaves me feeling a little harrowed for at least a few hours after viewing. Not sure what that says about me..?

So, because I like taking life lessons from the popular media. Here’s what I reckon we could all learn from Black Swan…

1. Self harm is real – if you’ve a friend who you think might be self harming get them to seek help. I had a friend who all too frequently had scratches up her arms and on her hands and I foolishly believed her tales of ‘riding her bike through the lanes and getting scratched by brambles’. Turns out that was just the start of a descent into mental health issues for her. We’re not friends any longer. But I can’t help but wonder if I’d spotted the signs earlier if things would be different…

2. Are you holding yourself back? Thomas continually accuses Nina of this. Who else is guilty of this? I know I am! Let’s believe in ourselves peoples!

3. Be true to yourself – Reach for the stars, sure. But don’t try to be something you’re not. After all it was Nina’s pursuit of the darkness needed to portray the Black Swan that was her ultimate downfall. Work to your strengths and don’t be ashamed to walk away from opportunities if they’re not for you.

4. Big up respect to ballet dancers everywhere – that shizz is hard work. Next time I’m moaning about paper cuts in my office job I’ll think of those poor ballet dancers wrecked feet and, well, feel like a big fat whinger!

5. Don’t push people away – Was Lily really the frenemy she was portrayed to be? Sometimes it’s OK to have someone who wants the things you have. Don’t push them away. Feed off their ambition. Work with them. Form a support network. Mentor them. Learn from them. Pushing people away just leaves you, well, alone…

6. It’s perfectly normal to have those sorts of fantasies over Mila Kunis. Phew!

7. Spread those eggs about – if they’re all in one basket, what happens when that basket is taken away? When Beth is retired she has nothing. Make sue you have a rounded life full of friends, family, work and whatever else makes you smile. Life is transient, things can be cruelly snatched away from us. Make sure that by losing one thing you don’t lose everything!

8. It’s OK to take a break – Agreed, working hard is the only way you’re going to make those dreams come true. But all work and no fun? Well, Black Swan shows you where that gets ya…

9. The story of Swan Lake – was I the only one who didn’t know it..?


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