Fun: The Joy of Showhomes


Over the weekend I dragged Hubby to see the latest crop of showhomes that have sprung up in our locality. I say dragged quite literally. I don’t think Hubby was keen to take a look at something which, at the moment, is so far out of our budget. I wanted to take a look at the top of the range four bedroom detached home. A bit like test driving a Merc when all you can afford is a Ford you might say. But, hey, I likes me a bit of property porn, so off we trundled.

As soon as we set foot on the springy pristine carpets, sashayed across the shiny laminate floors and felt the satisfying clunk of the brand new doors we both oh’ed and ah’ed. It’s difficult not to when you’re walking around a showhome. They’re purposefully aspirational, what, with their lack of clutter, miniature beds and strange furniture arrangements (laundry hampers in shower cubicles… really?!).

Yup, it was lust at first sight! Like those couples on Location, Location, Location we started planning where we would put our furniture, where the Christmas tree would look good and which room would make a good office…

The development we looked at today is due to be finished in around five years and there’s another development that has a similar spec of home being built even closer to us within the same time frame. We’re not in a rush to move. In fact, we don’t even want to yet. The glitzy new showhome may have stirred strong pangs of lust. But when we arrived home to our two bed apartment we realised we were still in love with it, for the moment at least.

Here’s hoping that by the time we’re looking to move our dream home will be constructed and sitting there waiting for us to buy it. Perhaps no one will want it apart from us. Perhaps someone will pull out of the sale at the last-minute. Perhaps fate will intervene? Perhaps the price will get knocked down so far that it becomes affordable? Are we dreaming? Maybe, but it’s happened to us before. In the meantime it’s a waiting game…




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