Fab or Fail: Sunday 24th November 2013

The weekly round-up…

The Fab List

Central heating – taking the brr out of Novembrr.

The scent of winter #yankee

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My new Cranberry Ice Yankee candle – the scent winter (note: winter, not Christmas!) in a jar.

I'm listening to…

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Robbie’s new album – see my review here.

Robbie being everywhere – seriously try turning on a TV without seeing him and his flecked hair!

The exciting news that Robbie is to tour next year.

Getting stuff done – the more jobs I can tick off my to do list the more I can enjoy a chilled out Christmas!

The Whisky matcher  – not sure how I got sent this, but I love it.

My new neon snood from F&F at Tesco – be bright, be seen. Be snug, be smug.

The Fail List

The media’s obsession with the Middleton’s – Pippa ‘breaks’ the Royal dress code by wearing a sheer dress. Er, Pippa isn’t actually Royal. Kate narrowly avoids a ‘Marilyn moment’. Journalists please take a moment to pat yourself on the back for your hi-brow journalism – NOT!

The rumours that tickets to Robbie’s 2014 tour are going to cost… wait for it £125. Kidney for sale…!

Business self-help books/courses that state the bleeding obvious. Can I just get back to work now please?

Marketing campaigns telling me how to have the ‘perfect’ Christmas. Sheesh. Actually I would like my Christmas to be imperfect. Imperfect and slightly undone is always more fun.

People’s inability to understand the road layout at the end of my estate who keep blocking me in when I’m on my way to work. Grr! Road rage!

Not finding time to do any exercise.

A huge spot on my chin making me look like this…


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