Festivities: Games for New Years Eve

Here are two fun and easy to organise games which I created for our celebrations last New Years Eve.

Word Bingo

New Years Eve game

Each player is given a card with five words on, these could be clichés associated with New Years Eve (e.g. Chinese lanterns, fireworks, midnight), or phrases which are commonly used within your social circle.

The game is played over the course of the evening. When a player hears one of the words on their card mentioned in conversation they mark it off. The first person to have marked off all words on their card is the winner and should be awarded with a small spot prize (think something along the lines of a bag of sweets or a novelty gift from the poundshop).

Players cannot mark off words which they say themselves and cannot make other players say other words (e.g. “Say turkey”), but sneakily engineering conversations so the words on their cards come up in conversation is allowed.

Guess the celeb

New Years Eve game

Players have to guess the celebrity faces within a montage created by the host. All the celebrities featured in the montage should have been featured in the news, or have done something of significance over the year. The one who gets the most celebrities wins a small spot prize.

Creating the photo montage is easy. All you need is some photos of celebrities (use Google images or newspapers and magazines) some scissors and some glue.

What games will you be playing this New Years Eve?


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