Festivities: What’s Your New Year Resolution?

Yep, I’m a self-development kinda gal. No point standing still (or worse still going backwards) when you could be doing bigger and better things, right? So, as a result I always set myself some new year resolutions, or goals I would like to achieve over the next twelve months. As I blogged last year, the way I do this has changed somewhat and rather than setting scary SMART goals I try to make my aims more fun and more fluid.

What are your new year’s resolutions and goals for the new year? Depending on your aspirations for 2014, some of these blog posts might be useful for you…

If your new year’s resolution is…


To learn more about fine wines

Find out about Vinopolis here.


To visit new places, try these…




Windsor and Eton


Shell Photo Equipment

To get crafty…

Why not make your own box frame of memories?

To progress your career, try these…

Find out more about working away here.

To sort out your wardrobe…

Take a look here.


To be more daring…

Why not try a zip wire challenge?

Baked Sweet Potato

To try some new recipes…

Try these…


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