Fab or Fail: Sunday 5th January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first fab and fail list of the year…

The Fab List

Family, fireworks, food, frolics and fizz – the perfect way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Christmas celebrations with family and friends.

Counting down to holiday, which nears we’re not wincing at holiday ads like this…

Now TV – purchased for hubby as a surprise Christmas gift so he could watch the odd match on Sky Sports but atch quite good for trash TV too! Yay!

Sale shopping – Money saved in the sales at Escentual, Handpicked Collection and ASOS.

Extra long matches – saving me burning my fingers when lighting my Christmas Eve Yankee candle and making me feel powerful when I strike them.

Vlogging – it’s early days and I think I need to refine my vlog, but I’m enjoying it and that’s the main thing, right?

Leftovers for lunch. Oh yeh!

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Leftovers – surely the best thing about holding a soiree is knowing that tomorrow’s lunch is sorted!

Christmas TV – yay for Gangsta Granny, Bear Grylls and Stephen Fry, the Made in Chelsea End of Season Party and the Come Dine With Me Christmas Special.

That feeling of anticipation for 2014 – let’s make everyday count!

Gingerbread lattes – addicted!

My new Q&A book – a five year journal where I answer a question a day and then answer the same question on the same day the following year to see how my life has changed. Totally in love with this.

My new journal – yep the handwriting is neat and I’ve written everyday thus far!

Fab Christmas gifts – I’m sure I say it every year, but I really did receive some lovely and very thoughtful gifts – thank you!

The Fail List

The weather – windy, rainy, grey, dark. To be fair it’s very mild for the time of year and we’ve not had it as bad as some here, but it’s still been blooming depressing.

Hubby being properly ill on Christmas Day. Rubbish!

Getting static shocks from my new slippers.

What have been your hits and misses of the year so far?


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