Fangirl: Which Team Are You?

It was New Year’s Eve. The frivolities were well underway. Alcohol had been supped, food had been devoured, pass the parcel had been played. It was a high-class event!

As midnight approached we switched from my lovingly created Spotify playlist to the TV, so we could see in the new year in the traditional way with the countdown to Big Ben’s chimes followed by the riot of fireworks ricocheting off the London Eye.

That was when it happened. Something which caused a debate in the room. Something that split people into two (well OK three camps). The TV sprang to life and there was Robbie. I swooned. My sister-in-law scowled. Hubby turned over  to BBC One where Gary was sat at his piano belting out A Million Love Songs. I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and Sister-in-Law swooned. It was ‘Team Robbie’ Vs ‘Team Gary’.

Now, don’t get me wrong there are some people who love both of the ex-Thatters. But in my experience most women of a certain age have a preference for one or the other and that preference can be almost territorial. As we debated the finer points of who was better (Gary’s clean-cut suave Vs Robbie’s cheeky chappie Stokie blokie) another member of the party bravely waded into the debate. We’ll call them ‘Team Not Really Bothered About Robbie or Gary’.

Gary organised that trip up Kilimanjaro for Sport Relief so I guess he does more for charity.

I don’t know if it was the Rose coursing through my veins but I was keen to defend my Robbie.

Erm, Robbie is a Unicef Ambassador and organises Soccer Aid every two years.

The next morning I realised I’d forgotten to mention his Stoke-on-Trent based charity Give It Sum. Pah!

No one won the Robbie Vs Gary debate. As no one should. They’ve both got their strengths and weaknesses and who you prefer comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. But it did make me think a bit about perception. Gary is thought of as wholesome so therefore is considered to do more for charity than Robbie because, put simply, Robbie has had an addiction filled past and is seen as somewhat of a no-gooder. This shouldn’t worry Robbie or Gary. After all, their personas are part them, part PR spin by their record companies. But it did make me think about how the decisions that we make in life can influence people’s perceptions of us? Just because we did something when we were younger does that make people categorise us as a certain ‘type’ of person even though we’re older (and possibly wiser).

Again, there’s no real answer to this. I’m just musing out aloud to you.

Did any of your Christmas and New Year encounters make you question something?

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