Fab & Fail: Sunday 19th January 2014

The Fab List

Can you guess what we're doing today? #fakemas

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Fakemas – Hubby spent most of Christmas Day curled up on my mom’s sofa suffering with a stomach bug. Having missed out on his turkey dinner and with some gifts still to exchange we held our own Fakemas – crackers and (mini) Christmas tree included.

Countdown to holiday

Finding a better 5k running route

Roping Hubby in to help out with the fake tan

My new retro alarm clock. #loveit

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My new alarm clock

My Fitness Pal app – recommended to me by a colleague. It’s free to download and allows you to track your diet and exercise on a daily basis. It gives you a calorie count (which I’m less bothered about) and also gives you a nutritional breakdown, which proves to me that just because I is small, I is not healthy. Someone get me some fruit and veg before I get scurvy!

A record amount of views on my blog due to this blog post.

Not being afraid to admit defeat (for the moment at least).

Journalling – I don’t know if it’s my new notebook, or the spring in my step, but I haven’t missed a day yet!

Listening to East 17 on Spotify. And just like that I’m sixteen and in my GCSE Media Studies class again.

The Fail List

All day meetings

The weather (again) – This week I experienced rain, sunshine and sleet all in the same day

Pre-holiday ironing

Pre-holiday workload


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