Fotos: How I Use Pinterest Part One – Fashion

Oh my! How easy is it to waste spend an entire afternoon stuck in a vortex of ‘pinning’. This world of online scrapbooking is seriously addictive. But, fear not, Pinterest doesn’t just equal procrastination. Here’s how I use the site as a useful tool.

The Style File is where I save any inspiring outfits, clothes, bags, shoes, hairstyles or make-up looks. I pin from websites and upload photos of things I like in magazines as well as pinning from other people’s style-inspired boards too.

But this board isn’t just a pretty face, bag and pair of shoes. Oh no, this board has some serious substance to it too!

1. It focuses me on what style I like. Sounds obvious, but with a High Street awash with various trends it’s sometimes difficult to stay true to what’s really you. Looking through my board you could say I’m boho chic, with a bit of fluro sports luxe and bold patterns thrown in for good measure. No point in me trying to emulate the Park Avenue Princess look anytime soon – it just ain’t me.

2. It’s useful when you visit the hairdressers. When I decided I wanted a fringe (bangs) cut in I wasn’t sure what style to go for, cue an internet search where I found this image, took it to my hairdressers et voila the hair of my dreams(isn) was now on my bonce.

3. It helps when you’re shopping! I adored this image from Me + Em. I just kept looking at it and thinking that’s an outfit I want. I now own a very similar outfit. As well as being about focus, it’s also about pushing you outside of your comfort zone and trying new outfits, if you’re anything like me you’ll find you keep pinning similar things – why not actually try them out in real life (vows to try the half-up, half-down do that’s been pinned several times).

4. It can provide a substitute for shopping, If I’m broke pinning things that I like can take the place of actual shopping… a bit. Only trouble is when I do get paid I’m then tempted to go and buy all the stuff I’ve pinned. Swings and overdrafts, eh?

How do you use Pinterest?


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