Festivities: My New Year’s Resolutions


Gung hay fat choy! Happy Chinese New Year of the horse.

So, being as I haven’t discussed new year’s resolutions with you yet, I thought I’d take the Chinese New Year as my prompt to get everything out in the open.

First up, I don’t make resolutions in the true sense of the word (e.g. ‘run 5k in under 35 minutes by May’). What I tend to do it pretend it’s 31st December 2014 and write an account looking back on the year. This shows me what I want from the year and, in the interest in keeping things fun and fluid, I write some rough aims based around this. You’ll see here that I did this last year too.

So, what are this years aims? Here’s a snapshot…

1. Have family over for New Year’s Eve – this is one of those social occasions that I really enjoy organising and I’d like to think everyone has enjoyed previous years, so this is a reminder to continue the tradition.

2. Have an amazing holiday to Sri Lanka and an ace short break in Edinburgh – well, they’re booked, we just gotta hope they’re amazing!

3. Do a financial audit and really get in control of my finances, with a proper savings plan and, erm, more savings. I swing between being OK with money and being awful. I want to be able to say I’m good with money.

4. Daily vlogging – well that didn’t work out really did it? Oops!

5. See and speak to my family and friends more often.

6. Finish decorating – we’ve only got the woodwork in the hallway to do and the spare room. We can do this!

7. Do more writing and actually get paid for it.

8. Exercise at least three times per week.

9. See Robbie in concert and at Socceraid – the tickets are booked, so this one is looking good!

10. Pamper myself at least once per week.

11. Download the Beyonce visual album – oh I can tick that one off already :).

12. Enjoy more dates with hubby – trips to the cinema, meals out, country walks, that type of thing.

13. Complete my Shorthand book. I started learning at Uni, gave up and have been half-heartedly trying to learn ever since. I want to crack it this year.

What are your new year resolutions?

Find out how I celebrated Chinese New Year last year here.


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