Festivities: Our Nine Year Anniversary!

Heart in the sand

As I write this I can’t help but think back to this time nine years ago. This time nine years ago I was getting glammed-up; straightening my hair, spritzing on Dior Addict and applying some ultra-sticky lipgloss. The formulation of lipgloss isn’t the only thing to have changed in that time!

You see, today marks the nine year anniversary of mine and Love of my Life’s first date. Who knew that drinks in All Bar One, followed by watching Oceans Twelve at the cinema (I knew he was a keeper when he was OK with my watching a film with Brad Pitt AND George Clooney in on a first date!) would lead to multiple cups of coffee and biscuits and then, several years later, marriage?

Who knew indeed. But I’m blooming glad it worked out that way!

Since getting hitched we celebrate our wedding anniversary rather than our first date anniversary, but we always make sure we treat ourselves to a take out and a good reminisce every 5th February!

What were you doing nine years ago?


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