Festivities: Big Love This Valentines Day and Every Day

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies. #LoveEveryday

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People seem to fall into two camps when it comes to Valentines Day. Camp one comprises those who think it’s commercial clap trash dreamt up by the card giants to flog more sickly sweet sentiments and fluffy bears. Camp two are more your ‘go hard or go home’ brigade (so to speak) – going all out, with flowers, chocolates, public declarations of love on Facebook, meals out etc… etc…

Hubby and I have never been into Valentines Day. Perhaps it was because our first date was just a few weeks before Valentines Day and we didn’t want to freak the other out by making soppy declarations ahead of time. And then, after that first year of uncertainly, we, of course, celebrated our first date anniversary by going out for a meal (or more often than not, indulging in take out) just a few weeks before V day making going out for two meals in such a short space of time seem somewhat frivolous (especially when we were desperately saving for our first home and our wedding).

These days the first date anniversary has been superseded by our wedding anniversary but we’re still not any more excited by Valentines Day. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we’re Valentine’s Scrooges, after all we still do cards and most years we play the ‘we’re not buying gifts this year’ Tango, which results in Hubby surprising me with a bunch of beautiful but modest roses and me buying a small token gift for him too. We might even indulge in some take out and a bit of a cuddle. Steady Tiger!

The thought of sitting in a restaurant filled with other loved-up couples on a specified day does kinda fill me with the heebygeebees. It’s all a bit conformist, a bit Stepford Wives. A bit… for today is Valentine’s Day  so we shalst love and eat set menu food for that is what is expected of us. I’d rather go out for a yummy meal when there’s not the desperate scent of ‘is he going to propose’ emanating from the table next to you. There’s also the fact that I love my Hubby all the live long day and night and do my utmost to make sure he knows this – not just by telling him, but also by supporting him, listening to him, giving him some space when he needs it…

Then there’s the money saving advantage of having a low-key Valentines Day and before you call me stingy. I mean more the fact that you can save money on buying Valentine’s Day tack and reassign those funds to something you really want… like a holiday to Sri Lanka.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?


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