Fab & Fail: Sunday 23rd February 2014

The Fab List

Beyoncé’s performance at The Brits – bloody love that woman, I does!

Catching up on some stupendous telly thanks to our Now TV box – Mad Dogs, The Smoke and Girls are current favourites.

Watching Suits – witty and full of eye candy. Thursday evenings suddenly got a whole lot better.

Some much needed chill time – and breathe…

Coconut water – so good for you, so tasty, so reminding us of our hols.


Sapphire Oolong Tea – also reminding us of our hols and supremely tasty.

Making fantastic meals out of random ingredients. From ‘we’ve got nothing for dinner’ to Soy and Honey Salmon served with rice and stir fried veg in minutes. And from ‘lunch hum-drum’ to baked sweet potatoes with cheese and onion and a side of garlic mushrooms. Yummy!

After an odd day we chose this to unwind with #Uno #Boardgames

A post shared by Samantha Heathcock (@samheathcock) on

Playing Uno – such a simple, yet addictive game.

The Fail List

Having to pay multiple visits to the eye hospital – making me tired, grumpy and panicky.

Arctic Monkeys winning so many blooming’ awards at The Brits  – sorry I don’t get it.

Not having tickets to Beyoncé’s Birmingham gigs – what was I thinking?


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