Fab & Fail: Sunday 2nd March 2014

The Fab List

A #Flawless performance by @beyonce @TheLGArena tonight

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Beyoncé’s amazing performance at the LG Arena as part of her Mrs Carter World Tour

Beyoncé’s video for (and in the flesh performance of) Partition – seriously HOT, especially that Crazy Horse style dance

Beyoncé’s visual album as a whole

Come to mention it, Beyoncé

Supportive friends – I was overwhelmed by some of the responses I received after posting my article about retinal detachment

Les Twins – I dread to think how many hours I’ve lost this week watching YouTube videos of this pair

Finding the confidence to not let things get me down

Actually feeling as though I’m finally catching up with my housework (sad, but who doesn’t love that smug feeling?)

A good hair day

The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure TV show – inspiring my taste buds and my lust for travel

These Nike trainers – WANT, WANT, WANT!

Taking charge of my finances (again)

The Fail List

Drinking too much coke – I really need to take better care of myself, but sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing!

Not exercising – oops

Not blogging – also oops!

A bad hair day (swings and roundabouts, eh?)


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