Far Away Places: How To Beat The Back To Work Blues

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Heading back to the office after two weeks on tropical shores can be a shock to the system, but you can make things easier on yourself, here’s how…

  • Dress for happiness – it doesn’t need to be expensive, just something that makes you feel good. Bonus points if your outfit accentuates your tan.
  • Slick on some lippy – preferably a bright colour to highlight your tan and lift your spirits (I opted for Fuchsia Libra).
  • Start every sentence ‘When I was on holiday…’ – there’s no harm in reminiscing. Just remember there’s a one week limit on this phrase, otherwise your colleagues will be mysteriously ‘busy’ every time you approach them for a water cooler gossip.
  • Change your screen saver – the weather outside may be frightful, but a quick glance at your computer and you’re transported back to the palm fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean. OK, you’re not there now, but you were. Derek from accounts wasn’t – ha! Feel better now?
  • Wear your trinkets – those bracelets that looked so wearable when you were perusing the street markets now don’t look so good next to your Whistles suit? You’ve got a four-week window to wear them without looking a fool. After that you’ll have to resign them to the ‘if we get a decent summer’ section of your wardrobe.
  • Sing – Stick on an uplifting soundtrack during your commute (and at work if you can) and (if you drive to work) sing along. Instant pick me up. No prizes for guessing who was on my soundtrack.
  • Take it easy – you’re allowed to wallow in some post-holiday self-pity, but just remember you can’t have rainbows if you never have rain. Suck it up sweetie.
  • Embrace the jet lag – yep, it’s pesky waking up at 4:30am and then snoozing on your sofa come 6pm, but sometimes you’ve just gotta roll with it. Your body will adjust itself soon enough. 
  • Keep the good habits going – so you ate more fruit and drank your body weight in coconut water and it made you feel good? Why stop?
  • Do your laundry – having a mountain of washing is depressing at the best of times, get it done whilst you’re in the throes of jet lag (you probably won’t have the energy to go out anyway) for a feeling of smug satisfaction
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – that tan is the reminder of your holiday you can take everywhere with you. You don’t want to lose that in a scaly skin peeling scenario do you?
  • Book your next break – if all else fails, fire up the laptop and decide where to head to next.

What are your top tips for beating the back to work blues?


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