Film: Review – Last Vegas

Touted as The Hangover for the silver fox generation, screen legends Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, pack up their blood pressure pills and Viagra and head to Vegas to celebrate Billy’s (predictably played by Michael Douglas) bachelor party ahead of his forthcoming nuptials to his 30-something money-grabbing fiancé. Friends since childhood, alongside throwing stupendous parties and judging poolside beauty contests, the four have some serious catching up and making up to do.

On paper it sounds amazing. Even the trailer looks promising. What it delivers is a heap load of Hollywood schmaltz, topped with a drizzle of cringe and a wafer loaded full of weak story lines, coupled with an annoying side serving of tits and ass. That bit in the trailer where Morgan Freeman ‘jumps’ out of his window so he can escape his over-protective son and join in the Vegas escapade? That, in my opinion, is the highlight of the film.

Thankfully, I watched this on a flight back from Dubai, there was nothing better to do (except maybe change films – darn me and my ‘once I’ve committed I’m going to watch it ’til the end’ attitude), unless you are similarly stuck with nothing to do I’d suggest you choose a different film.

Fabulous rating: 1/5


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