Film: Review – Runner Runner

Oh gosh!

Darn it!

Runner Runner might be a film set in the seedy underworld of the gambling cartel but don’t expect (much) bad language. It’s quite sweet seeing Justin Timberlake being pursued by baddies whilst only uttering PG expletives. Some would say it detracts from the authenticity of the story, but I would argue (whilst wearing my old-fashioned bonnet) that it’s nice to see a film that doesn’t include cuss-words for the sake of it and I really don’t think the lack of them detracts from the story line whatsoever.

I will admit, I was nervous when I started watching this film (another in-flight choice). Richie (played by JT) is a student who tries to fund his way through college through online gambling. When he thinks he’s been played by one site he heads to Costa Rica to find the owner of the site and make him aware of the issues (as you do). From there on naive JT becomes embroiled in the real-life side of the online gambling world, at first it seems glamorous, then threatening and then, before Richie knows it he’s up to his eyeballs in golly-goshness.

It’s difficult to say much more about the plot without giving the game away, but what I can say is I throughly enjoyed this film. It’s got twists and turns but never so many that you get confused (handy when you’re coming the end of 16-hours of travelling), it’s well acted and, well, just very slick. To be honest I was pleasingly surprised with how much I enjoyed this film and would even go so far as to watch it again. Blimey guv’nor!

Fabulous rating: 4/5


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