Five Years Ago: 2009

Happy birthday to meeee

Yup, today it’s my 34th birthday, so it seems a fitting time to kick off this new series. Think of it as a ‘throw back Thursday‘ kinda deal where (in the spirit of all things f related) I time travel back five years at a time and take a look at what I was up to back in the day. Expect lots of embarrassing photos and ‘Oh no she didn’t’ moments – enjoy!

Today we’re going to head back to 2009.


We kicked off the year by moving from our rented house to our mortgaged apartment.


Our new-build apartment was still in the middle of a construction site when we moved in and this was the view from our spare room for a number of months.

Moving is always stressful, but the excitement of being property owners for the first time and the fact that we managed to get all of our stuff moved across before the snow arrived counteracted some of the stress! We’re still here five years later and we love it!

There were plenty of celebrations….


A cocktail party to mark my 29th birthday.


A wander around the Wyre Forest for Mother’s Day.


A trip to Chester Zoo for Hubby’s birthday. In fact, this was the year where my obsession with Orangutans began. In he Oranguatan house, we were busy looking at a snake in a glass tank, when we heard tapping on the glass across from us. We turned around and a female Orangutan was sitting on the ledge of the window, literally beckoning us over. As we got closer she turned and proudly showed us her baby. I melted and I’ve been in  love with these beautiful, intelligent and sadly endangered creatures ever since.


A trip to the Trafford Centre for Bestie’s 30th which was successful both in terms of shopping…


and cocktail supping.


Our first visit to Daniel’s Mill for Mom’s birthday.


We would return later in the year for me to partake in a 60 foot abseil in aid of Hope Hospice. Thoroughly nerve wracking, yet also throughly enjoyable.

We collected a lot of ticket stubs: The Prodigy (where we got sweaty and beer soaked), We Will Rock You (starring Jonathan Wilkes at the time – so I kept checking the audience to see if Robbie was hiding out somewhere), Style in the City, Michael McIntyre (where I had a stinking cold and collapsed into a fit of coughing every time I laughed)


We headed down to Brighton – oh beautiful, creative, gorgeous place.


We paid our first visit to the opulent Blenheim Palace.


and I managed to step in all the sheep poo!


I was working in a job I hated, but I did get to go to work dressed as Minnie Mouse one day?!


I made the decision to sell my car and then didn’t have one for four years!

What were you up to in 2009? Share your stories and photos in the comments section.


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