Fun: Painted Picture Frames


The crap in my spare room,

it was getting me down (my friend).

Like some crafts in a bag,

looking so sad

The time has come around…

Excuse my poor paraphrasing of The Verve, but to be honest, I couldn’t resist.

As you may know I’ve been sorting out our spare room a.k.a (adopts scary booming voice) ‘the room where projects go to die’ and in doing so I’ve stumbled across a helluva lot of unloved craft materials. Projects that seemed a good idea when I saw them on Pinterest. I’d even gone so far as sourcing the materials in Hobbycraft. Yep, I was all up for the retail therapy side of crafting, just not so prepared for the doing bit. But, wanting to clear my spare room of junk, and liberate my brain by not having a whole heap of half-finished projects weighing me down, I set to crafting, sticking, sewing and creating. Here I share with you the first of my endeavours…

Greetings Cards as Decorations

Every once in a while you receive a card that stands out from the rest, for whatever reason. Maybe its got a nice vintage design, or it’s been sent to you by someone special. Whatever it is, there’s something about it, you just can’t stop looking at it and when it comes to card recycling time you just can’t bear to chuck it. I had a couple of cards of this ilk. One a gorgeous vintage design, the other super cute. I’d slung them in my Christmas box, not really knowing what to do with them. Each year they would be taken out of the Christmas box, but unlike it’s housemates – the other Christmas decorations – they would never make it on display. What was the point in keeping them if they just sat in a box? And so I decided, if I liked the cards that much, I should make decorations out of them!

What you need

Greetings cards
Photo frames



1. Firstly, source photo frames that are the right size and design for your cards. If the frames are also the right colour – bonus – you’ve just saved yourself a job! Otherwise look for frames that have an uncoated wood finish, or are a light colour as it makes them easier to paint. I got mine from Wilko, but you might be able to get some from charity shops too.

2. Make sure your cards fit perfectly – you might have to do some trimming. Once you’re happy, put your cards somewhere safe and out of the way of the prep and painting.

3. Remove the glass from the frame and start preparing the frame by rubbing it all over with sandpaper. Wipe down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth.

4. Now you’re ready to paint! I had some gold paint left over from another craft project which seemed the perfect shade for displaying Christmas cards, but you could use whatever shade you want. Leftover wall paint would work fine, or buy small pots from a DIY or craft store. Paint a coat at a time, leaving each coat to dry overnight (make sure you cover all surfaces and clothes to prevent getting paint where you don’t want it, obvs!).

5. When you’re happy with the finish (I went for three coats of paint on the wood frame and four coats on the white frame) and the frames are dry, put the glass back in, add your cards, snap the back on et voila decorations crafted from those cards you just can’t bear to throw away.



4 thoughts on “Fun: Painted Picture Frames

  1. I recycle all my Christmas cards into tags. I cut the front off, use edging scissors to give them a nice finish, use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner and thread through ribbon to attach it to the present. I like the frame idea for those special personal cards.

    • Funnily enough I’ve been doing the same with my tags too! I’ll be doing a post on that in the next few weeks :). Get us thrifty crafty types, eh? x

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