Fab & Fail List: Sunday 6th April 2014

The Fab List


Fantastic street art like this.

Catching up with fab friends.

Getting into football. This week I’ve watched two Champions League matches AND a documentary that I found on TV about Manchester City Football Club. You could say Hubby has converted me into one football loving girlie.

In the club shop

And on that note, I loved Real Madrid winning too! Result!

FINALLY getting a decent MPG out of my car. I think it’s more to do with the milder weather then my driving, but hey!

My Body Shop Born Lippy lip balm. So much more moisturising than Baby Lips by Maybelline.

Going for my first post-holiday run.

Reminiscing about holiday by writing posts like this and this.

Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) on the B-Day Deluxe Edition by Beyoncé. I promise one day Bey won’t be on this list…maybe…?

The Fail List

The Sahara smog – a mucky car, itchy eyes and a sky like something out of the industrial revolution. Seriously, not cool!

Flashing lights


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