Fun: Making Felt Decorations – Hearts and Snowflakes


Given my recent admission that I’m crap at sewing it might come as a surprise that my latest clear-the-clutter-craft involves this very skill! But, hey, everyone loves a trier right?

Excepting the fact that I had to find a YouTube video so I could re-learn how to do blanket stitch (I used this one, in case you’re interested) I actually quite enjoyed creating these little decorations and although these are Christmas ones, I think you could create something similar for other occasions – with Easter just around the corner I think chicks, bunnies and eggs created out of pastel shades of felt would look adorable. OK, so the finished article is a tad (a-hem) rustic, but they’re proof that if I can do it, anyone can!


Sheets of felt
Embroidery silks
Fabric Scissors
Anything else you feel like adding to them (how about beads or sequins?)



1. If your felt is wrinkled, like mine was, iron on a cool heat or through on old tea towel.

2. Download, print and cut out an appropriate template from t’internet. I used this one for the hearts and this one for the snowflakes.

3. Place the template on your sheet of felt, draw around it with the pencil to leave the outline of the template on the felt.

4. Repeat step 3 in a different area of the felt (imagine you’re making jam tarts to get the maximum amount of decorations out of your sheet of felt).

5. Using your fabric scissors, carefully cut the shapes out from the felt and place them on top of each other, ensuring the patterns match.

6. Blanket stitch the two pieces together using embroidery silk in a contrasting shade.

7. Cut an appropriate length of ribbon and sew onto the top of your decoration, along with the button.

8. Et viola, you have a decoration fit for a Christmas tree, or to add to a nice artsy display of twigs, or to put on a Christmas gift, or to do whatever you want with to be honest.

And, like I say, if I can do this – seriously – anyone can!

Have you tried any crafts recently? Share your creations in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Fun: Making Felt Decorations – Hearts and Snowflakes

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