Five Years Ago: 2004

We’ve already time travelled back to 2009. Now it’s time to head back another f-friendly five years to 2004!

Takes deep breath…

OK, I don’t have that many photos from 2004. Y’see to quote Queenie, 2004 was kinda my annus horribilis. I split up with my ex, which at the time seemed devastating (there’s something to be said for hindsight), got made redundant and discovered that the girl I was flat sharing with was a pyscho.

Here are some of the events I thought were worth remembering…


I was living in London at the time (Finchley to be exact) so a world of exhibitions were right on my doorstep. Hence my ticket stubs from 1920s: the decade that changed London at the Museum of London (really well put together, so atmospheric and just up my street as I adore the 1920s) and Roy Lichtenstein at the Hayward Gallery (one word ‘Waaahm!’).




I attended an amazing wedding and a 21st birthday party on the same day! Typical really. A truly rubbish year, yet two of the good things happen on the same day, what are the chances, eh? Here’s me rocking a bit of Kat Slater make-up look (classy!). Just realised I look naked in that photo – erm, even classier!


Erm, I went out drinking – a lot, such is life when you’re 24!


I moved back to the Midlands, but missed London so booked myself into a hotel down there to visit friends and re-discovered family (long story) before Christmas.


I went to the now (sadly no more) Leonard Road Christmas lights on Christmas Eve…


…And then went out drinking (again)…

Other stuff that happened…

I found my half-sister again * I temped * I explored the wonders of internet dating and speed dating * I fell over at Gods Kitchen at Air one night and knocked myself out *


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