Fun: Create Your Own Wall Art


The pot of gold paint used to paint the photo frames in my previous project was originally intended for creating some artwork on canvas. The idea was to draw a series of hearts and use the metallic paint to fill them in with various patterns. I thought it would look good hung in our bedroom. That was back when we were going for a cream and gold theme in our boudoir.

The heart picture, unfortunately, never happened. For one, we opted for a grey colour scheme in our bedroom (reveal coming soon!) and the canvas got crushed under a pile of other craft items in the room where projects go to die (a.k.a our spare room).

But I was determined to make use of this beautiful pot of paint and so, as well as the aforementioned photo frames, I decided to create me a bit of wall art. I scrapped the idea of hearts in favour of a big bold star. It fitted with the colour of the paint, was bold and fun… and I’m slightly obsessed with stars anyway (plus Hubby loves astronomy).

I grabbed some leftover card from my box frame project and cut it to A4 using a craft knife, cutting pad and metal rule. Then I downloaded a template of a star from the web and  carefully cut out the centre leaving me with a perfect star template.


I placed this onto my card and stuck down the edges with masking tape to prevent it moving.


Then I poured some gold paint into a clean take-away container, got a washing up sponge and dabbed it over the template, ensuring even coverage. I gave the star three applications of gold paint in total, allowing each coat to dry overnight.

When the star was completely dry I removed the template and added one of my favourite sayings in black pen.

Without the dark… we’d never see the stars

It’s no Picasso, but I love its rustic edge, I enjoyed creating it and it makes me smile when I walk past it in our hallway. It’s also a good reminder that crappy days are par for the course and you’ve just gotta roll with them until the good times shine through.

Have you created any of your own wall art? I’d love to see. Share your links to your creations below…


3 thoughts on “Fun: Create Your Own Wall Art

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