Fitness: The Results of the Poll

Someone who is busier than you is running right now

via Pinterest

You may recall I’d lost my fitness mojo somewhere between ‘I don’t need to wear a bikini for the rest of the year’ and ‘oh this sofa is comfy’. In a desperate bid to find it I posted a poll asking you lovely people what I should do to rekindle my love of my trainers and stretchy sportswear.

You liked it. That’s the lovely people you are. Thank you. But perhaps you were being too lovely in a ‘you look great just the way you are‘ kind of a way, or maybe you didn’t want to interfere, or maybe you thought ‘don’t ask us, do it your sodding self’. Either way. No one voted.

I could roll over, eat another Jaffa Cake and breathe a sigh of relief but that’s not my style. Unfortunately, at the moment at least, making lots of excuses about being time poor is and tired is. So, good people of this blog. I vow to you that by this time next week I will have done something to rekindle my fitness mojo. What will that be..? I don’t know I’m still in the midst of talking myself into (and then back out of) that one.

How do you stay motivated?


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