Far Away Places: Places to Visit Sri Lanka: Part 4: Handungoda Tea Estate


A short Tuk Tuk ride from our hotel across train tracks, through the Sri Lankan equivalent of new-build housing estates and past sprawling paddy fields is the impressive Handungoda Tea Estate.



When we arrived we were met by a friendly and informative guide who lead us through the estate with a well-timed patter. We learned how different types of tea are grown and harvested, received a tour of the rubber plantation and found out how rubber is extracted as well as receiving a whistle-stop tour of how cinnamon is grown and used.




The tour winds through the plantation with a slight incline. At the top is a stunning colonial-style house with the most beautifully tended to garden. Here we received two full cups of complimentary tea to taste, along with a small piece of scrumptious chocolate cake. We then made our way back down to the factory where, despite some of the machinery being 145 years old, tea is still produced. The factory is very basic, and there’s little in the way of signage. As we walked into one room a guy switched on some of the antiquated machines for us but provided no explanation as to what they did. Worth poking your nose in, but there’s no need to linger!


Then it’s onto the gift shop where you can taste as many different teas as you like. Some Trip Advisor peeps have commented that the gift shop practices hard-sell, but we didn’t find that the case. Our issue was more deciding which of the scrumptious teas we wanted to purchase. 


Cost: FREE

Top Tip: Sensible footwear is a must as some of the tracks are slightly uneven.


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