Fab & Fail: Sunday 20th April 2014


First up – Happy Easter y’all. Hope you’re having a lovely time.

The Fab List


G I R L by Pharrell Williams – feel good songs, or what?


Dusting off the JAY Z…

… and stumbling across this. Jay Z lullabies anyone?


In the same vein, these rumours. Let them be true and let them come to Europe, pleeeeease!

This cute bunneh.

Proper pub food, like this.

Finding somewhere to store my wedding dress.

Getting creative.

Long weekends/four-day weeks!

Most def a Good Friday!

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Spring walks in the sunshine.

Blue sky, sunshine, blossom. Perfect!

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Blue skies and blossom

Real Madrid winning the Copa del Rey, especially THAT Bale goal.

Coconut water – delish AND good for you, why can’t more things be like that?!

An indulgent Jack Daniels and coke fuelled Pinterest sesh.

What would Beyonce Do?

Which resulted in my new iPhone lock screen image, seems somehow apt, right?

Being told I look tanned.

Have you been away?

Er, yeah, in January

#latergram #lunch #sushi 🍤🍣

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Scrumptious sushi from Zetao at Merry Hill – fellow Black Country types will know how difficult it is to come across decent sushi around these parts!

Fail List

Continually pressing the wrong buttons, or selecting the incorrect layer on Photoshop. Gah!

Scary dreams that wake me up at 3am.

Pay day still being five days away – hurry up already!


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