Fun: Turn Your Greetings Cards Into Gift Tags

Materials for making gift tags

While we’ve already figured out what to do with the greetings cards you can’t bear to throw away. But what do you do with the others? The ones that are pretty enough, but not life changing. You could recycle them, or you could get crafty and save yourself a bob or two by turning them into super thrifty gift tags with this really easy craft project.

You’ll need…

  • Old greetings cards that were destined for the bin/recycling
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors and/or craft knife, metal rule and cutting mat
  • Ribbon – either curling ribbon or material ribbons would work
  • Pencil
  • Various sizes of drinking glasses (if you want to make circular tags)

Homemade gift tags

Get crafty…

  • Take a look through your cards and select images that will work well on tags, you’re looking for small isolated images that won’t look odd when they stand alone. You’ll also need to make sure the back of the image is blank as that’s where you’ll want to write your message once you’ve turned it into a gift tag (last thing you want is some words from Great Aunt Ethel, no matter how sweet, messing up your craft session).
  • Decide whether the image would work better cut out as a square/rectangle or in a circle. If you opt for a circle simply draw around an appropriate sized drinking glass to get a perfect circle.  I tend to freehand the squares/rectangles with my ruler/craft knife/cutting mat combo – but you could cut out with scissors too.
  • Once you’ve got your tag use the hole punch to, erm, punch a hole in the top (be careful on placement, I’ve had a few gift tag casualties at this stage… no one wants to wish someone a Happy irthday – oops!)
  • Finally thread an appropriate length of ribbon through the punched hole and tie a double-knot to secure it to the tag. It’s THAT easy!

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Have you been crafting recently? I’d love to see what you’ve made. Share your links in the comments below.


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