Fitness: A Leisurely Walk and Maybe a Run

As us Brits know, good weather and Bank Holiday rarely align. So when they do we have to rush out and make the most of the fine weather. Hence, me and the Momma heading off to Himley and Baggeridge Country Parks on Good Friday.

My day started well with a Gingerbread Latte accompanied by porridge with apple and cinnamon – nom!



Followed by a bit of time catching up on my reading on bloglovin’.

Mac and Moomin PJs

Then I headed out to pick up the Momma and whisk us off to Himley. The parking machines had been temporarily removed which meant free parking! Bonus!

First we sauntered to the lake in the grounds of Himley Hall, before deciding to head in the direction of Baggeridge. As we walked we passed small pools, blossoming trees, hobbling ducks, fluffy dogs, excitable children and bouncy castles until we came to Bag Pool where children were pond dipping.

Bag Pool Baggeridge


We took in pretty flowers.


Then we headed back towards Himley for lunch and a saunter around the lake, where we saw some cute ducklings.


And took in the gorgeous view back towards Himley Hall.

Himley Hall and Lake

Which is where we then made a bee line for…

Himley Hall

…to take in an art exhibition, some local history…

Art in Himley Hall

…and a blinging chandelier…


Then we stopped for an ice cream and made a pact. The Momma would complete three circuits of her walk around the park by the following weekend and I would attempt to run my usual 5k route (I say attempt because I’m a tad out of condition so can’t promise I’ll be able to run all of it).

To be continued…



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