Far Away Places: Places to Visit Sri Lanka: Part 5: Galle Fort


Wander the walls of the historic Galle Fort at sunset, or indeed at any time, and you won’t be disappointed by this impressive Unesco World Heritage site. The sheer scale of it is amazing, not to mention the stunning views out to sea.


You can while away the time peering into Galle International Cricket Stadium, noticing how twee the British-built Butterfly Bridge looks and gasping at the damage done to the wall by the Tsunami of 2004. Then there’s the picturesque lighthouse and the indulgent people watching of the locals on the beach. It’s all just so pretty and charming, which is its saving grace really, being as there’s little to no information about the history of the fort, or what it’s various ramparts are.


Galle makes for a very handsome town too. Very artsy with lots of fabulous craft shops, eateries, religious buildings and museums.  Galle truly is an enchanting way to while away an afternoon.

Cost: Free

Top Tip: Galle is best appreciated at a leisurely pace. If that means re-visiting a few days later, so be it.


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