Fab & Fail: Sunday 27th April 2014

Fab List

This brilliant ‘if luxury brands did every day items’ post.

Parents and mobile phone just do not mix!

Sometimes the English language is just too darn annoying. 

Random family catch-ups in Homebase.

Coffee, cake and catch-ups – always!

Successful shopping trips.

Easter goodies – a.k.a enough chocolate to make me fat and some fantastic Lush goodies to pamper my chunky body 😉

Mini eggs – so moreish.

Our pretty much finished bedroom.

Stumbling upon vlogging and blogging beauty Anna Saccone.  – I know she’s been around for ages, but she’s new to me.

Fail List

Feeling a bit blah – where has my motivation gone?

Rain, rain – just do one will ya?

Erm, not taking any photos this week – you thought this post was missing something didn’t you?

How has your week been?


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