Fun: Our Wedding Scrapbook and Memory Box


Along with the discarded craft materials and the wedding dress slung over the back of an office chair, the room where things go to die also housed a whole heap of memories. I don’t mean that we’d thrown parties in there, or even had deep discussions. Nope, our spare room housed something far messier than that…

Married in 2011 postcard

…A whole two shelves of our bookcase were home to various wedding paraphernalia – cards, RSVPs, images torn from magazines with ideas for everything from bridesmaid dresses to cakes, T-shirts from my hen do, honeymoon photos, our cake topper…

The mess wasn’t pretty; the items were! And, so, in my latest project I’ve set to creating some more suitable storage for these wedding wonders. Say hello to my wedding scrapbook, and my wedding memory box.

Wedding Box

I’d purchased both some time ago from John Lewis (back when I was a Miss in fact) and they’d lain unloved.

Cake and transport ideas

Now they’re filled with, well, love and happy memories.

There’s no real ‘how to’ lesson here. All I did was stick the memories into the scrapbook in an appropriate order with some PVA glue. Anything that was too bulky made its (strategically placed) way into the memory box.

Acceptance cards

And now I have something more manageable to store. Something which every time I look through it will make me smile. And something to show the kids/grankids/aliens from Mars when they eventually land.

Wedding invite

What have you done with your wedding memories?

Wedding scrapbook


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