Fitness: To Run or Not to Run?

You may recall last week I blogged about how my mother and I took a little stroll around Himley and Baggeridge. You may also remember that we made a pact. Mumma was going to complete three circuits of her walking route around her local park and I was going to attempt my 5k jogging route. Did we do it?

Ha, Ha, Ha No.

From Pinterest

I can’t vouch for my mother, but if you were to ask me why I didn’t complete my side of the bargain I could come up with a whole host of reasons excuses…

I mean there just wasn’t time.
LIE: I could have found time.

The weather was awful.
LIE: The weather was rubbish sometimes, at other times it was fine.

My running trousers are annoying me as I keep having to pull them up.
EXCUSE: I’ve put up with it before, one more run in them wouldn’t have hurt.

I hadn’t drunk enough liquids during the day, I didn’t want to dehydrate.
EXCUSE: So drink more!

What makes it worse is that I haven’t done any other exercise either. Well, not unless you count blitzing the housework on Monday evening, or trudging around a trade show on Tuesday, or maybe shlepping around Merry Hill for most of Saturday, after all…

Shopping is my cardio, Carrie Bradshaw

From Pinterest

The good news is that as part of that shopping trip I treated myself to some Adidas running leggings. So that’s one excuse out of the window.

Question is, will I get my jog on by this time next week? Place your bets now you fabulous lot.


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