Fun & Festivities: Hen Party/Bachelorette Games



Been asked to be bridesmaid and worrying about the hen night activities? Don’t panic!

Everyone’s hen night/weekend/extravaganza should be something personal to them. For some that will be a day of shopping, for others a pamper day at the spa, or – for the more rowdy – a night downing Jaeger-bombs dressed head-to-toe in willy regalia. Unless you know the bride-to-be really well I’d suggest consulting with her before you start planning anything. Your ideas and her’s of what constitutes a rip-roaring fun hen celebration may be completely different and it’s important to remember that even if her suggestions aren’t your thing – it’s her party and she’ll do what she wants to. Don’t try to modify her desires to fit in what you want to do unless you want the same to happen to you when the tables are turned!

That said, it’s always good to have a few surprises tucked away. I’m not talking strippers. I don’t think I know of any woman who would actually want a stripper at her hen party. In fact, I explicitly told my friends that if a man turned up who then proceeded to shed clothes I would run away, lock myself in the toilet, and refuse to come out until he had gone. I’m talking cheeky little nice surprises, that lighten the mood, get everyone up for a good time and have a minimal amount of embarrassment. I say minimal because I think some form of embarrassment is mandatory on a hen do.

With that in mind here are some games you could play…

Pin The Willy…

Not as rude as it sounds. Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s there was a character called Ethel in the soap EastEnders. She had a cute little pug dog whom she called Willy and often ‘my little Willy’. I’m sure you can see where this is going?!


1. Track down a photo of Ethel with her Little Willy. I particularly like this one and print out two copies.

2. Mount one onto card, on the other carefully cut out the dog and discard the remainder of the picture.

Let the fun commence

1. When you come to play the game. Announce to the bride that you’re going to play ‘Pin the Willy’ and watch her squirm. Blindfold her and, having placed a small amount of Blu Tak on the back of the cut out of the dog, pass this to her and ask her to pin onto the picture as close to where it should be as possible (obviously on the matching image of the dog, but don’t tell her that just yet – in fact, for maximum impact, she shouldn’t see the images at all!).

2. Remove the blindfold so she can see how close she was and tut at her dirty mind – whatever did she think you were asking to pin where?!


How Well Do you Know the Bride? 

One for your fellow hens. You’ll need to know the Bride pretty well yourself for this one. It’s a good giggle, which lets the bride take a breather from the games for a while and can be a great ice breaker.


Write down a list of around ten questions about the bride. You want to get a good mix of easy questions (what is her favourite alcoholic tipple?), ones about the wedding (where did the bride and groom go on their first date?) and slightly embarrassing ones (which cartoon character did the bride once have a crush on?)

Let the fun commence

When it’s time to play, you can either give guests a pen and piece of paper to write their answers on and read out later, or get people to shout their answers out. Either way it should make for an amusing insight into what they think of the bride, or collapse into utter nonsense. You could award a prize to the person who gets the most answers correct.

Guess the Willy

Some brides stipulate a ‘no willy’ rule for their last night of freedom. But come on a hen do isn’t a hen do without some willies, right? This is a cheeky way of incorporating some classy willy!


Source images of famous Williams from the web and print them out. Think Will I Am, Will Smith, Just William, Prince William, William Shakespeare, William Tell.

Let the fun commence

When it comes to playing, announce that you’re going to play ‘Guess the Willy’ and watch the bride temporarily squirm. Then announce that she has a selection of famous willies which she has to identify. Hold up the individual images and see if she can guess each one (if she can’t get the rest of the hens in on the guessing game).

The Mr & Mrs Game Without the Mrs (a.k.a How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom)

A classic, but a goody – so long as you know the couple are pretty tight to begin with.


Write a list of questions to pose to the groom – these could be things like ‘What’s your favourite flavour of crisps?’, ‘What was your first car?’ and get the groom to answer them (I sent them via Facebook and played the game off my phone).

Let the fun commence

At the hen do, ask the bride-to-be the questions about her husband and see how many she gets right.

Have you played any amusing hen party games?


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