Fitness: I Went For a Run!

There was one item I forgot to include in my spring shopping haul and it was these babies…

Yup, a pair of Adidas running leggings with three, mightily bright, pink stripes down each leg. I decided on pink for both aesthetic and practical reasons. They’re pretty and I thought drivers were less likely to squish me when I’m pounding the pavements – be bright, be seen and all that…

Having complained that my previous running trousers were a little too slouchy, I decided to kick that excuse into touch and get myself some that fitted properly and these, as near as dammit, do. I have a hunch they’re supposed to be a 3/4 length crop, but on  a short arse like me they’re a little longer. Ah well.

And so, with new trousers to trial, a new app on my phone to test and a whole new level of bribery (more on that in a future post) I took advantage of the dry weather yesterday evening and took myself for a little jog.

Little being the operative word. I wanted to complete a mile. Something short but sweet to get me back into the swing of things, without me getting jaded at how cr*p I’ve become. Due to me getting slightly confused with the app on my phone I completed just short of a mile (0.98) and because my legs weren’t used to anything more than a gentle amble they were so blooming heavy. But hey at least I did SOMETHING!

How were the trousers? Well they’re streamlined so I found running much easier in them (even with the heavy legs). They’re also pretty comfy and have a good level of stretch. Plus, they don’t keep feeling as though they’re about to fall down like my old ones did. Downsides are: there aren’t any pockets so there’s nowhere to store keys or other running essentials. Also, and this will improve in time – of course – because they’re so tight, and my arse is so lardy at the moment, I did feel every wobble. *Shudders*

I’ll review the app after I’ve used it a few more times and I’ve got my head around it. Yes – I will be going out again soon with the aim of doing 1.5 miles. In the meantime I’ll be googling sports tops and bras – these new trousers have made me realise it’s time to upgrade the rest of my running wardrobe too!

Adidas ClimaLite Three Quarter Workout Tights Ladies, £19.99, Sports Direct

What do you work out in?


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