Food: How I Use Pinterest: Part 2 – Recipes

Last year I dusted off my plastic ring binder full of recipes torn from magazines and took a long hard look at it. It was full to bursting with recipes, most of which I’d never tried. Apart from gathering dust and looking a mess, it was also weighing heavy on my mind. Just looking at it with its scrappy, torn bits of paper poking out made me feel like a failure, a reminder how much of an undomestic goddess I actually am. I realise this is irrational clap trap, I work full-time and blog part-time. I’m not a housewife. I don’t need to make three course dinners or bake amazing cakes, although it’d be nice to sometimes.

I kept a few recipes; the ones that really appealed, favourites I’d tried before, ones passed onto me by friends and family. Soon my bulging ring binder was reduced to a tiny poly pocket.

Recipe File

I was given a recipe organiser for my birthday and am looking forward to transferring our firm favourites and go-to recipes into this. But for other recipes? Ones I want to try, but I’m not sure if we’re going to like them? Ones where I need just the right occasion for them, or a little more time to allow for preparation? The ones where I need to track down some of the ingredients. Well they nestle in my ‘Recipes to Try’ folder on Pinterest.

I pin them from blogs like Cooking with a Wallflower and Lauren Conrad. I add them from websites like Sheerluxe. I collect them and there they sit (where I can’t see them gathering dust) until I’m ready to try them. I’ve already tried the recipe for Noodles on the Run, Rhubarb and Custard Crepes and Sweet Sips (bed-time version). For me, Pinning works better than the guilt-ridden paper file ever did.

How do you use Pinterest?


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