Fab & Fail: Sunday 11th May 2014

The Fab List


Flowers from my Hubby for no reason.


Fresh tomatoes with that scent. Yum!

Hands up whose guilty of these 21 terribly British problems? *raises hand*.

Had to be done! #GiantBourbon #Costa #WakeUpJuice #Coffee #LongWeekend

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Giant Bourbon biscuits and coffee – a match made in hyper!

This article which takes the ‘cor blimey’ out of the headlines.

Who says things have to be perfect, sometimes OK is good enough.

I’m not sure what’s more inspiring about this article – the photos or the quotes. 

Be careful, diss Beyoncé and they’ll be after you!

Dudmaston Hall

Spending Bank Holiday’s at gorgeous National Trust properties, like Dudmaston Hall.

Re-watching Life is But a Dream.

Grey Jewelled Collar Necklace

Wearing my new togs.

Getting my jog on. Who cares if it was just a mile? You gotta start somewhere, right?

Entrance Hall

Our newly decorated hallway.

Earlier #kinveredge #longweekend #walkies

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Walkies up Kinver Edge.

Sorting out my recipe inspiration, thanks to Pinterest.

The Fail List

Tesco not having the dress I wanted in my size – boo hiss.

Being too KO’ed to blog yesterday.

Rain – a-sodding-gain.

Don't forget about your eye check

Having to chase up my eye op… again!


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