Faff: A Further Delay to My Next Round of Eye Surgery

Eye cartoon

I knew they wouldn’t call me back, but I didn’t expect them to be quite so short with me when I called back over a week later to chase up my appointment for my next round of lasering. You may recall, when I called previously,I mysteriously wasn’t on the waiting list.

Good news! I am now on the waiting list.

Bad news! When I asked how long it might take for the appointment to come through, the response I received was a sharp intake of breath. Similar to the one a builder does before he utters those terrifying words ‘it’s gonna cost ya’.

I only want an approximation, I said. 

Is it likely to be months or weeks? 

They couldn’t tell me, they transferred me to someone else, whose unhelpful response was.

The surgeon is reviewing your notes again at the moment, so we don’t know. We should have a better idea next week. 

My response…

OK, shall I call you, or are you going to call me? 

Another sharp intake of breath and their response.

We’ll call you. 

Looks like I’ll be calling them again on Friday.


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