Five Years Ago: 1999

Time to do some time travelling again fabulous people! This time we’re going pre-noughties and jumping into 1999.

Yup, it makes me think of that Prince song too. Why not click this link and listen along whilst you read this blog post for a taste of true nostalgia?

In 1999, I was nineteen. I’d finished college and was taking a year out to decide if getting a degree was really for me. I was temping in a small office of financial advisors where the boss chain-smoked, drank endless cups of black coffee and took more paracetamol than was surely safe – all whilst sat at her desk! It’s difficult to imagine an office filled with cigarette smoke these days – thank goodness!

I was dating a guy I’d met the previous year. We stayed together for around five years, but it was a tumultuous relationship and now I wonder why we stayed together as long as we did.

I started my uni course in the Autumn. I studied Journalism and Editorial Design at the University of Wolverhampton and lived at home to make it more affordable. I remember being freaked out in my first design lesson, when it was a bit more cutting, sticking and gluing, than I’d originally anticipated.

I met one of my very good friends on the first day of uni. I was in the queue to pick up my library card when a slightly creepy rocker-type (i.e. not my type at all) started talking to me and asking me if I fancied going for a walk around the library with him. I’m sure he was just trying to make friends and in the nervousness of the first day it came out more creepily than he’d realised but either way, I was freaking out inside! Fortunately my now-friend was in the queue in front of us and started talking to me. It turned out we were on the same course and we’ve been friends ever since. Happy days. Not sure what happened to the ginger Metallica fan.

Looking at my photo album it seems I went to see Dru Hill in concert at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre. I seem to remember my then boyfriend and I being the only white people in the building. I don’t mean that in a racist way, but we did, er, stand out a little! Ha, ha!

Chavvy Sam

Erm, and judging by this photo of me in my Ted Baker T-shirt I was a bit of a chav (my god, how far has Ted Baker clothing come on in the past decade?!)

What were you doing back in 1999?




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