Food: How Healthy is My Diet?

Skinny on the outside, fat on the inside. That’s honestly what I think I am. A size eight lump of lard. When I say fat on the inside I don’t want you to think I’m massively body dysmorphic or anything. What I mean, is that I’m probably full of bad cholesterol, fat, toxins and general bleugh.

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I’ve never been one for calorie counting. I’ve never really needed to (*dodges flying objects*). I don’t really believe in it anyway – far better to eat a balanced healthy diet, than a calorie controlled one, in my opinion. But because I’ve never had to count the calories I’ve perhaps been a bit blasé about what I actually put into my body.

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And, so for the next week I’m going to be keeping track of just how healthy my diet is. I’ve briefly mentioned the MyFitnessPal App before. It’s a great way of understanding the amount of calories, fats and other nutrients that you’re getting on a daily basis. The fact that it’s not all about losing weight is great for me (you can actually select whether you want the app to help you lose weight, maintain your current weight, or put on weight – much better than the sodding Wii Fit which would scold me for not losing weight when that was never my objective in the first place). The fact that you scan barcodes of the food you’re eating makes it really simple too.

I’ll report back next week!

How do you keep track of whether your diet is healthy or not? What are your predictions for my diet?


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