Finances: Boost Your Income By Taking Online Surveys

Mac and Moomin PJs

I’ve mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but as I’ve just received another £10 voucher through completing Ipsos Mori online surveys, I thought it was worth telling you a little more about my mini money-making scheme.

First-up, you’re not going to make big bucks from this. I earn around £30 per year which, for me, isn’t a bad return for clicking a few buttons on a website a few times a week whilst still in my PJs.

Signing up to the scheme is relatively easy, simply visit the Ipsos Mori website and complete a short survey. This ensures they only include you in surveys that are relevant to you.

After that, you’ll receive occasional emails inviting you to participate in online surveys. I generally get around three per week. When you click through it tells you the closing date of the survey and how many points you’ll earn upon successful completion. For surveys of twenty minutes or over this tends to be between 100 and 150 points. As an indicator, you need 1380 points for a £10 voucher (you can choose from Amazon, John Lewis or Compliments vouchers, or make a donation to a selection of charities), which works out to around ten twenty-minute surveys per £10.

Occasionally you won’t make it through the screening process. I get this a lot as my day job is in marketing. But generally you’ll still be rewarded with five or ten points to say thank you for at least trying to participate. You also receive emails inviting you to take part in surveys with the chance to win up to 5,000 points. I don’t tend to bother these ones, preferring a definite return on my button clicking!

Once you’ve earned your 1380 points, simply visit the gift area on the website and cash in your points for either an e or paper voucher. I tend to opt for Compliments vouchers which can be redeemed at a number of high street retailers. I’m hoping to put my current £10 voucher towards this.

And, in a nutshell that’s it – simples!

Do you do online surveys to boost your income?


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